Baptist Prep Strategic Plan

Baptist Prep Strategic Plan

Last summer, the groundwork was laid for our school to enter into a season of strategic planning for improvement. This planning will direct the future success of the school for many years to come.  Below you will see the steps that have been taken to date to find the best path for sustainability and long-term success for Baptist Prep.

Phase 1
Summer 2021
Gathering Information/Review of Advisory Committee Findings
Phase 2
Summer 2021
Listening Sessions/Receptions
Phase 3
Early Fall 2021
Focus Groups 
Phase 4
Fall 2021
Strategy and Planning Sessions
Phase 5
Winter 2021
State of the School Address ( Short Term Improvement Plan Released) 
Phase 6
Spring 2022   
Placement of a Long – Range Planning Team This team is tasked with presenting to the school a plan that will outline the school’s growth and development from 2024 – 2025 thru 2034 -2035  school years. 
Phase 7
Late Spring 2022  
Additional  Information Gathering via 2nd Annual Parent and Faculty satisfaction surveys. 
Phase 8
Summer 2022
Mid-Year Strategic Improvement Progress Report ( July 21, 2022)

In addition to these quantifiable steps, our team consistently prays for wisdom and seeks wise counsel in all matters related to advancing the mission of Baptist Prep. One of the most impactful outgrowths of our work over the last year is coming to the understanding that we are a Kingdom Education school. This model articulates the dynamic and biblically directed partnership our school has with the school’s families and local churches in the education and worldview training of students. To advance the work in this area, BP has provided each family with Kingdom Education Prime Membership. This membership gives each family access to a wealth of resources on parenting and the education process. If you need assistance logging into your Kingdom Education account, please contact Tom Hall (

Finally, we are excited because we are experiencing great days at Baptist Prep as we prepare for the new school year!

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